Less Work More Zen

With crazy work schedules, and home lives, I think we could all agree that we need a little more peace in our lives.


Zen gardens are great when you need a little time to relax and take a moment to yourself to just literally ZEN OUT.  Don’t settle for some boring zen garden though.  Add some color and style to your zen and your home/office/space.  Draw around aimlessly in a vase of colorful sand.  Doodle and design.  Take your mind off stress and worries.  Relax.

Check out wendiland on Etsy for great modern alternatives to Japanese Zen Gardens.  Itty Bitty succulents and furry moss balls in little beds of goodness.   The cactus is your obstacle and the sand is your peace.

Is water your garden of choice or sand?

Less work, more zen.  You deserve it.



I Love You, Blogs and Coffee


No, seriously! I really do love you, blogs and coffee! Display what you’re passionate about on your wall. The I Love You, Blogs and Coffee Print is printed on heavy espresso with creamy white writing. Not into the espresso color? This print comes in a lighter kraft paper. Another perk is that they use Earth-Friendly ink on their prints so you can decorate without a guilty conscious! Designed and printed by Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl…A Shop For Pretty Things. Do you love blogs, coffee and someone sweet just as much as I do? Check out Made By Girl on Etsy, and get yours today!

I Love You, Blogs and Coffee. $13.50USD

Pearl Teapot Necklace


Nothing says classic like pearl jewelry.  If you’re anything like me though, you probably save your pearls for special occasions.  Maybe you’re looking for a more casual piece to wear everyday?  The White Satin Pearl Teapot Necklace is both cute and classy!  This white, satin pearl, teapot necklace, suspends a cute, little, teapot with pearl center.  Suspended by an antique brass colored chain that is eighteen inches long (you can also order different lengths).  Check out FashionCrashJewelry on Etsy for this and many more amazing jewelry.

White Satin Pearl Teapot Necklace.  $24USD

Skip The Sweet Talk And Get Right To The Point


The pillow says it all, “Let’s Make Out.”  Perhaps it’s not the classiest pillow ever, but I sure do get a kick out of it!  Having a movie night with your love?  Sometimes men can’t read our girly hints that we think are so obvious.  Save yourself the work and simply toss this pillow on the couch for a helpful hint that you’d rather smooch than watch the movie.  Let’s face it…guys need things spelled out for them!  Get yours before your next cozy night in.

The 16inch Let’s Make Out Pillow by alexandraferguson is made from recycled felt and you can choose from an assortment of colors.  Which colors would you pick?

Whatever your motive, this pillow is sure to accomplish the task at hand.  Leave it on your couch always and I’m certain that it will spark up some interesting conversation.

Get yours on Etsy today.


Partners In Crime

Who is your Partner In Crime?  Whether it’s your best friend, your sister or your spouse, show them some love today.  Check out the Partners In Crime Keychain by StuffbyStace on Etsy.  Made from sterling silver, the Partners In Crime Keychain would make a perfect gift for your bestie on an occasion!  Can’t find a gift for your maid of honor?  Here’s your hint…

Partners In Crime Keychain by StuffbyStace on Etsy.  $5USD

Get Naked


Not to be blunt or anything but, Get Naked.  Funny, cool and sexy.  This bath decal would be perfect for any master bathroom.  Stick the decal on the side of your tub or shower.  Choose from your favorite font and color from the wide variety displayed in the shop.  Check out CreatitGo on Etsy to get your very own sassy verbiage for your powder room.  I’m thinking this little sticky would look good on the side of my garden tub and for such an affordable price why not?  Get Naked already.

Get Naked.  $8USD

Sheesh, Take A Chill Pill Dude


Unwind from a stressful day in utter bliss.  Do you ever wish you really could take a chill pill after a long chaotic day?  Now you can!  Well, kind of… Drop one of these fizzy bath bomb bad boys into your tub from supreme relaxation.  Recommended dosage is one pill for adult tub, one pill for kids tub (half a bathtub).  These vegan bombs are made of all natural baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, soap colorant and fragrance oil.  Choose from a variety of colors and scents.  There are pretty scents and there are novelty scents (i.e. duck farts), but WizardAtWork on Etsy promises that even the duck farts,  bacon, and grass are all great smells.  Prefer a more traditional scent?  How about lavender, apple, or cool water?  That’s not it either, there’s many many more.  Check out WizardAtWork‘s Etsy page now to get your very own custom Chill Pills.

Side Note:  Makes a great gag gift for any of your nurse or doctor friends!

Chill Pill.  $6 USD