Birkenstocks Are Back Baby!


My feet are so happy to see the newest blast from the past.  Birkenstocks are back baby!  Your feet can rest easy during the warmer months knowing that they won’t get hot and blistered!

Comfort is in and why should it be?!  The flips are such a flop.  Get up to date with the out of date this summer.

In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t), there’s a wide variety of Birkenstocks to choose from (Birkenstock Milano featured above).  So many styles and colors.  You’re sure to find one to fit your style.

Which Birkenstocks are your favorite?

Have you snagged your pair yet?  If not, get yours now at Free People.

Your dogs will thank you. Trust me.

Birkenstock Milano. $12o USD (toe-tally worth it!)


Conversationally Converse


Show off your individuality and self-expression with your very own one-of-a-kind Chuck Taylors.  Yeah sure, it seems like everyone has a pair, but now you can make yours just as unique as you are.  Choose from variety of colors and patterns on everything from the stitching, sole, tongue and body.  You can even add a very personal touch with a Personal iD!  Make it your name or nickname, whatever is special to you!  I think these would be great if you were having Converse Chuck Taylor wedding shoes and you could add your wedding date!  Go wild you sassy thing and show us all what you’ve got!

Converse One Builder.  $70 USD