Less Work More Zen

With crazy work schedules, and home lives, I think we could all agree that we need a little more peace in our lives.


Zen gardens are great when you need a little time to relax and take a moment to yourself to just literally ZEN OUT.  Don’t settle for some boring zen garden though.  Add some color and style to your zen and your home/office/space.  Draw around aimlessly in a vase of colorful sand.  Doodle and design.  Take your mind off stress and worries.  Relax.

Check out wendiland on Etsy for great modern alternatives to Japanese Zen Gardens.  Itty Bitty succulents and furry moss balls in little beds of goodness.   The cactus is your obstacle and the sand is your peace.

Is water your garden of choice or sand?

Less work, more zen.  You deserve it.



Here Fishy Fishy!


Make the boring almost daunting task of taking out the trash at least somewhat more enjoyable with Goldfish Happy Sack Bin Bags.  Turn trash into treasure and give the neighbors something to talk about on trash day!  These bags are also fantastic as big Gift Bags for birthdays and other events.  I might have to buy two of these, one for the garbage…one for gift wrapping!  Don’t worry…no goldfish were harmed in the making of these bags!

Goldfish Happy Sack Bin Bags.  $14USD


Batman Chocolates Are Perfect For Your Superhero Valentine


Are you wondering what to get for your superhero valentine?  Batman plans for everything, even Valentines Day, so get ready!  This Batman Chocolate Platform is perfect for superheros both young and old.  Can’t you just see the surprise on their faces when they see these little chocolates on February 14th?  Have some Bat-fun with these goodies.  I know that my family would drool over them!

Batman Chocolate Platform.   $11USD