Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers

ceramic.beakers Collecting things that are homemade are a novelty.  It’s so special because every piece is different.  Made by hand, with passion and love. On that note, why spend money buying fakes when you can get the real deal at a reasonable price? Check out these Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers by Dimity Kidston (Sydney/New South Whales).  Beakers designed layer by layer from another part of the world! Honestly, how beautiful are these?  You could use them in the dining room, kitchen, as toothbrush holders or planting pots. What would you use these Hand Carved Beakers for? Let your creativity run wild! Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers on Country Culture – Australia.  $45USD


Spray The Bitch Away


I don’t know how your Monday went, but mine was a typical Monday.  If only there was something you could spray into the air that could chill everyone out.  Now you can with Frankie & Myrrh!  Check out Spray the Bitch Away Aromatherapy.

To help with PMS, hot flashes, menopausal issues, and overall general bitchiness, Frankie & Myrrh combines a variety of essential oils that induce a calming effect and help to ease muscle tension.

You may wonder what essential oils are in this glorious spray?  Lavendar, Bergamot, and Frankincense provide the calming effect, with added hints of Rose Geranium and Clary Sage for prominent notes.

Spray the Bitch Away is a light perfume with a purpose.  Always breathe the aroma as you are using it.  Use as a body mist, room freshener, car freshener, or linen spray.  You can even carry it in your purse as a hand-sanitizer, or use it to help repel insects (insects cause bitchiness too, don’t forget).

Spray near co-workers, friends, and relatives as needed.  Spray it into the air and let them soak it in.

See ya later bitch!

Stock up on Spray the Bitch Away Aromatherapy Spray at Frankie & Myrrh’s Etsy shop.  $18USD (not too shabby for essential oils!)

**Buy 2 Sprays, Get 1 Free!! Mix ad match however you like.  Use coupon code “hookmeup” for a free bottle with free shipping.  Purchase 4 bottles and just enter in the coupon code!!**


We Are Superheroes And Rockstars

SUPERHERO.ROCKSTAR.PILLOWNothing describes the guys in my house more than this pillow.  Oh how I would love to have this on my living room sofa or maybe their man cave.  This DENY Superheroes and Rockstars Pillow is flat out cool.  I love the chic black and white and I love the font style.  I mostly love how much it reminds me of my main men.
This pillow is a little hard to find (though and if anyone has better luck than me please let me know).  I searched DENY Designs official website for it and had no luck.  I also found it at a very reasonable price ($28) on Fab.com, but it was sold out.  But finally after continued searching I finally found it at UrbanOutfitters.  But judging by how hard it is to find this product I’d recommend snatching up your own very quickly because it’s already backordered into November and I’m guessing the next batch sells out fast!

Get your DENY Superheroes and Rockstars Pillow now.  $44USD.


Control Your Home From Virtually Anywhere


Imagine being in another state and having the power to turn the lights in your home on and off at your command.  No more having to worry if you left the iron on or if you shut the Christmas Lights off during the day.  Maybe you’re on vacation and you’d like to make it seem like someone’s in your home to ward off intruders?   Belkin has a solution for you.  Goodbye timers for your lights and say hello to WeMo.  I particularly like the Switch.  Remotely turn whatever is plugged into it via your smartphone or tablet.  The convenience and piece of mind that comes along with this product is priceless.  A great investment for keeping your home safe and sound.  Maybe you did forget to unplug your curling iron…no biggie though because you have WeMo!

Belkin WeMo Switch.  $50USD

Porcelain Berry Basket


Attention to detail is important even in the areas of the home that you only see.  The refrigerator is a lovely example.  Organization in the fridge creates a stress free culinary experience.  Show off your produce front and center with this Porcelain Berry Basket.  Add a fresh and colorful look to your fridge and your diet.  Use it to store cherry or grape tomatoes, berries, grapes and more!  Sturdy and functional, you can’t go wrong with this product.  Are fruits and veggies out of season?  Use the basket to hold odds and ends in your kitchen!

LEIF.   $24USD

Paper Bag Vase


Yes, you did read that right!  A Paper Bag Vase!  Not to worry though, this vase designed by Michel Harvey, is ceramic so it’s able to hold any liquid refreshment that you decide to fill it up with.  Handmade to with an uncanny resemblance to a paper bag.  Make you flowers always look as if they are fresh from the market!  Choose from large or small style.  Price varies with size.

Paper Bag Vase.

Abstract Throw Pillow From Society6


Revamp your living room with bright wonderful color.  Society6 has a ton of throw pillows to choose from.  Mix n match with quotes, movies, Starbucks Pillow…you name it, it’s there!  There’s over 100 styles to choose from!  Is it bad that I want to buy six cushions?  I can’t get enough!  I think I’ll stick to the bright abstract pieces for spring/summer this year.  Which is your favorite throw pillow that Society6 has to offer?  Let me know in the comment section below!