Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers

ceramic.beakers Collecting things that are homemade are a novelty.  It’s so special because every piece is different.  Made by hand, with passion and love. On that note, why spend money buying fakes when you can get the real deal at a reasonable price? Check out these Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers by Dimity Kidston (Sydney/New South Whales).  Beakers designed layer by layer from another part of the world! Honestly, how beautiful are these?  You could use them in the dining room, kitchen, as toothbrush holders or planting pots. What would you use these Hand Carved Beakers for? Let your creativity run wild! Hand Carved Ceramic Beakers on Country Culture – Australia.  $45USD


No Coffee No Workee


No coffee no workee…amen to that!  Start your day with a smile with this Vintage Hand Stamped Coffee Spoon, because no one can work without coffee, right?  Just add cream and sugar and voila!  Day = Made with a little humor in the wee hours of the morn.  Smiles are contagious, ya know.  Stir some around today!

No Coffee No Workee – The original No Coffee No Workee Spoon by jessicaNdesigns on Etsy.com.  $16 USD