Shop For Summer, Plan For Fall

jerseytopI love this time of year when it comes to expanding my wardrobe. Stores are filling the clearance racks with summer clothes trying to unload and make room for their upcoming Fall 2014 Collections. If you’re smart, you can snatch up these deals.  With a little planning you can also stock up on some cheap fall clothes! My Three Simple Rules to Mid-Summer Shopping:

  • Choose warm colors.  Pick colors that will look great throughout the year.  Whether there is sun in your eyes or snow on your boots!
  • Remember layers.  Find shirts that will look good under your favorite cardigan or jacket once the chilly air arrives.
  • Stay away from super trendy sandals.  It’s easy to buy super cute trendy shoes on the cheap right now but you might not wear them much longer this season and by next summer they might loose their cool…

Check our the Jersey Top from H&M.  For less than $13 you’ve got a shirt that will last you all year!  Pair with shorts, maxi skirts, jeans or leggings and you’ve got a great outfit on the cheap! Plan ahead, it will save you the headache and money by the time fall comes around.


Pump In Your Step


Spring is finally here!  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

Finding dressy shoes can be tricky for spring though.  You don’t want a full sandal because it might be too cold, but if you go for a pump, 90% of the time the pump is too dresses.

Don’t worry though, Francesca’s has you covered.  Get your money’s worth with the Jude Wedge Pump. The classic Mary Jane has been taken to new heights, and I’m diggin’ it.  Rock me to my sole, you can wear these suckers through Spring and Summer!  Simply pair with a vintage styled dress or dress them down with cute crops or skinny jeans.

Be that confident, vivacious self that you were born to be!

The Jude Wedge Pump can be bought in sizes 6 -10.  Yes, half sizes too!  Sweet glory.

Get your Jude Wedge Pump today at Francescas.  $48USD

Bringin’ Sexy Back With A Fanny Pack

I don’t care what anyone has to say.  I’m fairly confident that I will be responsible for bringing the fanny pack back in style. Yes, you did read that right, I said FANNY PACK.

Seriously though, lets think.  It’s almost summer.  From farmers markets to music festivals, we’re all on the go but we need something to hold all of our goodies in.

Yes I know when you’re reading this that you most likely think that I’m off my rocker and I’ve lost it.  Why bring back such a fashion no-no like the fanny pack?  It’s almost as scandalous as bringing back the mullet (For the record:  A cause in which I will NEVER support).


We can totally spice up the fanny pack though and make it a fashion statement with a few useful tips:

  • Wear it on your hip.  Don’t be a dweeb and buckle that baby on your front or back.  To the side is much cooler.
  • Tight is not right.  Keep it loose and easy.  No pun intended.
  • Think “hipster“.
  • Leather is awesome!
  • Don’t be self conscious…OWN IT!  If you look like you know what you’re doing, people will believe you!
  • Buy vintage…believe it or not, people are just looking to unload these things.  Especially do this if you’re looking for a leather fanny.  Vintage scuffed up leather is totally cool and you’ll be able to find some pretty old school fannies for a fraction of the price that you’d find a new leather fanny for.  Seriously…Spring is here and there are garage sales everywhere.  Go rummage and I’m sure you’ll find something great.

I’ve scoured the internet looking for my favorite fannies and you’d be amazed at how many really cool fanny packs you can find!

Keys? Check. Cell phone? Check. Moolah? Check. Doggie poo bags? Check. I could go on all night…but I won’t.

You go girl.

How do you feel about fanny packs?  Love em or leave em?  Let me know!


Better Together Note Pouch v2

Do you travel for work or play?  Blog?  Pay bills from the couch?  Whatever you’re reason, the Better Together Note Pouch v2 is a solution for anyone on the go.  Keep your iPad, notebooks, pens, and other goodies all zipped together in one neat and super cute tote.


The Better Together Pouch v2 is made to hold two A4 notebooks and a your 13” Macbook Air.  But what about your iPod and cell phone?  There’s pockets for that too.  Safety isn’t an issue either…this puppy is padded.  That’s right, get rid of that bulky book bag or briefcase and upgrade to the Better Together Note Pouch v2.

I’ve done my research and it’s pretty clear that this this could be the answer to all of our prayers.  Practicality and affordability have met and made a beautiful union.  Get yours now!

Better Together Note Pouch v2 $57USD

What will you use yours for?  Share your ideas with us!



Knitted Vest – Perfect For Winter Shopping


Are you planning on venturing out into the blustery cold on Black Friday?  Thinking of bundling up for your Christmas Shopping but a little concerned with how warm you’ll get once you’re inside?  Don’t lug around your layers.  I suggest the Knitting Stitching Clim Hooded Cotton Vest that I found on Luulla.  Wear cute long sleeves under your cute warm vest and you’re ready to go.  Top it off with a matching hat and gloves and you’ll be a winter beauty for sure.  If you’re not the shopping type but like the look I suggest you share this page with Santa so he knows what’s on you’re list!  What’s even better?  The price of course!

Get yours now. There’s a limited supply, they are certain to sell quickly.  Luulla.  $33USD



It’s true.  Watches are back in style.  Don’t go out and just buy a boring piece to tell the time though.  Go out and find a watch that can make a statement.  Look for chunky, bling, shiny, unique styles that fit your personality and style the best.  I’ve been trying to find an affordable watch for myself, but it seems that they are all more money than I’m willing to spend or too ugly.  I’ve taken my search to the internet and have decided to share my finds with you!

Check out the Hannah Diamante Watch.  A someone classic look with a hint of sparkle and modern style.  This watch is my favorite.  Choose from white, gold or rose gold.  Get a better look at Forever New.  $30USD


Get Pastel Perfect with this beautiful watch.  Available at  $40USD.  Pastel Perfect Watch.


Maybe you’re more of a digital fan?  Check out the Water Change Watch.  With an LED Face and digital numbers, telling time is a cinch!  Made with a thick silicone band, this watch is comfortable to anytime wear.  When you aren’t checking the time the face mirrors…so you can check for spinach in your teeth or check out that hot guy behind you in the cafe.

More importantly though, this is a fashionable tool for a cause.  After selling a total of 625 Water Watches, the brand provides funding for Charity Water to construct of one well in Rwanda.

Want more information on this watch and the charity that goes along with it?  Check it out on  Water Change Watch.  $40USD


If modern isn’t your cup-of tea, you might like this COWHIDE BRACELET, found on Etsy.  An authentic cowhide bracelet with a working watch, pearl and enameled rose vintage locket.  $39USD.


Which style time piece is your favorite?  Would you wear a watch or are you perfectly content without one?  Maybe you’ve found another chic watch that you’d like to share?  Let me know!

Fantastic Fall Boots Aim Right On Target

I’ve been a little back and forth in my mind about ankle boots.  Call me old school, but I’ve always loved tall boots like riding boots or higher.  My view on boots grew a little bit wider today though.  While killing time at Target, I cam across a perfectly acceptable pair of ankle boots!  I’m even juggling the idea of spending money on them!  I feel as though I’ve turned over a trendy new leaf…a new fall leaf!  I completely and utterly get a kick out of the Kessi Crochet Boot from Mossimo Supply Co.  Choose from a wide variety of sizes and two colors (black and taupe).  Check out these fantastic boots online today!  Hurry though…they’re on SALE!!!  The time to start building your Fall 2013 wardrobe is NOW!

What do you think of ankle boots?  Would you wear them?  Let me know!

Mossimo Supply Co. Kessi Crochet Boot at Target.  Reg. $35, Sale Price: $30USD