Shop For Summer, Plan For Fall

jerseytopI love this time of year when it comes to expanding my wardrobe. Stores are filling the clearance racks with summer clothes trying to unload and make room for their upcoming Fall 2014 Collections. If you’re smart, you can snatch up these deals.  With a little planning you can also stock up on some cheap fall clothes! My Three Simple Rules to Mid-Summer Shopping:

  • Choose warm colors.  Pick colors that will look great throughout the year.  Whether there is sun in your eyes or snow on your boots!
  • Remember layers.  Find shirts that will look good under your favorite cardigan or jacket once the chilly air arrives.
  • Stay away from super trendy sandals.  It’s easy to buy super cute trendy shoes on the cheap right now but you might not wear them much longer this season and by next summer they might loose their cool…

Check our the Jersey Top from H&M.  For less than $13 you’ve got a shirt that will last you all year!  Pair with shorts, maxi skirts, jeans or leggings and you’ve got a great outfit on the cheap! Plan ahead, it will save you the headache and money by the time fall comes around.


City Gardens, Apartment Therapy


Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have a garden.  Put your railing/balcony to use and create a calming, serene outdoor area.

You can plant flowers to herbs in the Railing/Balcony Planter by Greenbo.

Add some indoor plants to your railing inside and freshen up that stuffy city air!

Simply slot your planter onto the railing.  No nails, no tools.  Relax and enjoy!  Designed in Israel and made in Europe, the Greenbo is a city dweller’s ticket to green.

Choose from a variety of colors (red, gray, white).

Get your Greenbo Railing/Balcony Planter today at A + R Store.  Just in time for late spring planting!  $28USD



Let’s face it.  We all need a stock pile of cami‘s.  They help to pull together even the simplest outfit.  Great for summer or fall it’s great to have as many possible color options as possible in your closet.  Not an easy task if you’re on a budget!  At least it wasn’t.  But solutions have arrived!  Check out Forever 21 in store or online for an endless supply of cami’s.  Choose from different styles and colors.  I would suggest buying a bunch too, starting at just $1.80, you can’t beat the price!  What a DEAL!

Cami – Forever 21. $1.80USD

Jetset In Modena

Before you take your last summer trip, pick up the Modena Duffel in British Tan.  Nothing says preppy jetsetter more elegantly than this bag.  Pair with a cute casual outfit and you will look like a traveling pro!

Here’s the best part, and brace yourself because it is pretty awesome…you can snag this bag on Joss & Main for ONLY $47.95 when it was originally $360!  With a deal like this you should stock up and give them as gifts for Christmas! …just sayin’ 😉

Keep it classy you sassy world traveler!

Modena Duffel in British Tan.  $48USD


Beach Thieves Be Gone!


Am I paranoid or does it freak anyone else out when you leave your valuables by your towel at the beach or pool?  Its so hot you eventually have to leave your towel to go for a dip but who wants to leave their money, cell phone, etc out for people to take?  Thank goodness for the TanSafe.  Beach thieves be gone!  A stealth safe that looks like and ordinary bottle of sunscreen secretly holds all of your belongings.  Protecting you from the sneaky beach bum with sticky fingers.  It contains enough space to hold your money, credit cards, phone, keys safely.  It’s even waterproof to protect for the occasional splash or wave.  Bask in the glory of knowing your stuff is safe this summer and enjoy the beach!

TanSafe.  $12USD

Style Me Sperry’s


If Toms and Sperry’s had a baby you’d wind up with Sperry’s Hayden Loafer.  Comfortable and classic.  These puppies are built to last and look awesome.  Remember penny loafers when you were a kid?  This is the upgraded version of them.  Perfect for spending a day at – or better yet- off work!  Made from real leather so they won’t crumble after wearing for one season.  I’ve been lusting after Sperry for awhile now.  I think I’ve found my match.

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Hayden Loafer.  $85USD

Spring 2013 Sandals – For A Steal!

Get those tootsies ready!  Spring’s here and it’s time to pack away the boots and bring out the sandals.  Forget the cheap dull flip flops and fancy up your feet with Lucky 21.  Pretty sandals can dress up any outfit.  Imagine sandals covered in jewels with a woven scarf intertwined.  Lucky 21 has a great variety of sandals for your spring and summer.  Check them out!

Here’s a pic of one of my favorites; the Jeweled And Woven Scarf Thong.  In the words of Cisco (if you can remember..) Thong, Thong, Thong, Thong, THONG!


Lucky 21